About Us


Welcome to Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA), where students have the flexibility and independence to learn when and where it works best for them, using a laptop to attend classes developed expressly for online delivery. RVA students can receive in-person support from staff at Sandburg Learning Center one day a week.


At RVA, virtual learners from across Minnesota have access to fun and interesting classes for grades 3-12. Even better, they can spend up to an hour with one-to-one access to teachers – live, every day of school.

Grades 4-5
Most classes are “synchronous,” meaning they take place with live online instruction. Students receive curriculum materials including workbooks for reading and mathematics, and kits for science and math manipulatives. They also receive a music kit with a variety of small instruments; a physical education kit; art materials; and Chromebooks. Students engage in exploratory and collaborative learning, paired with the flexibility only virtual learning can offer.

In addition to core academics, all students in grades 3-5 receive:

  • visual arts and fine arts twice a week with a licensed visual arts teacher
  • physical education twice a week with a licensed physical education teacher

Grades 6-12
Middle school students build on a foundation of curiosity and peer relationships to develop individual strengths and interests. High school students participate in the same relevant, engaging and rigorous learning that takes place in physical classrooms, but with unmatched flexibility to design learning that works their way.

Many high school students find that this flexibility allows them to enroll in college courses and complete high school with a year (or more) of college behind them.

We find ways to develop community too. We have groups that focus on social emotional learning, and a new LGBTQ advocacy group began in 2022.

student on device


RVA is a place where students can believe in themselves, belong to a school that meets their needs, and become a thoughtful digital learner.

By choosing RVA for school, students can attend school while they:

  • focus on athletic training
  • accommodate a work schedule
  • attend to health needs from the comfort of home
  • benefit from a strong school-family educational partnership


RVA advisors support every student as they progress, helping them create plans, schedules, and goals for their education. It’s the same learning, in a highly portable classroom.



A full-service community school (FSCS) builds partnerships and organizes resources to help students and families thrive. Full-service community schools focus on academics, health, social services, youth development, and engagement – all to improve student learning and strengthen families.

RVA is housed at Sandburg, a full-service community school whose resource center is open to everyone, with extended evening and weekend hours.

Our mission is to build a stronger, braver support system for our students and families within the neighborhoods our schools serve. We cannot do this alone: we need your voice. If you have a need and/or questions, ideas, or suggested partnerships, please connect with us.