A New Way to Learn

Robbinsdale Virtual Academy is a Choice School

Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA) offers a high level virtual experience for students in grades 4th-12th. RVA is dedicated to developing all students to reach their full potential. This allows them to dive into active learning and design their own school day.  RVA is a strong community that celebrates all students.  

High school student working on laptop

Successful RVA students: 

  • Work well independently and are self motivated
  • Have strong self-advocacy, organizational, problem solving, and time management skills
  • Show effective and appropriate communication skills, especially written
  • Posses basic technical skills
  • Enjoy working at their own pace and setting their own schedule
  • Are on track with credits for graduation
  • Attend school regularly

RVA Families are committing to:

  • Creating a supportive learning environment outside of school
  • Maintaining a school routine and overseeing schoolwork
  • Being an encourager and motivator
  • Maintaining an internet connection or requesting a district hotspot
  • Troubleshooting technology issues
  • Communicating frequently with virtual teachers and staff
  • Monitoring student comprehension and grades
  • Verifying that lessons and assignments are completed
  • Enrolling at RVA for at least the entire semester

What RVA is not:

  • A credit recovery school
  • An alternative school
  • RVA does not accelerate credits. Students take 6 classes per semester and 12 credits per year



Frequently Asked Questions

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