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We encourage students to build their own educational path by providing them with an innovative, supportive virtual community where they become the architects of their high school experience. Students participate in active-learning and dive into courses that will prepare them for a successful future at their own pace.

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cover of the student handbook rights and responsibilities

Student behavior is governed by the policies and procedures described in the Robbinsdale Area Schools Student Handbook with a few additions for Virtual Academy students.


Virtual Learning

(Grades K-5)

Elementary students were made to explore the world around them. RVA helps each student grow through exploration, peer relationships and personalized attention from some of the best teachers in Robbinsdale — with the flexibility of a virtual learning system.



Middle School
Virtual Learning

(Grades 6-8)

Middle school is when students spread their wings and grow in independence. With the right mix of individual and small group learning, RVA guides each student to discover unique strengths and interests, connect with peers, and build key skills to succeed in high school and beyond.


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High School
Virtual Learning

(Grades 9-12)

High school should be relevant, engaging and personalized to prepare graduates to thrive in work and life. RVA does this by providing students unmatched flexibility, support and room to grow. Whether full time or part time, high schoolers will set and reach their learning goals at RVA.